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Colocation Hosting -  co·lo·ca·tion host-ing : Pronunciation [koh-loh-ka-shun host-ing]  – verb (used with object), 1. To locate voice, Internet servers, or network equipment within an Internet Data Center for the purpose of allowing connectivity over the Internet either for external (customer) or internal company services.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting  - Things To Consider

What is needed for colocation hosting?  First, you must know what equipment that you want to collocate.  Then, you will need to select a colocation data center.  If the data center does not have premium UPS and Generator Backed Power you will want to supply a UPS and make sure your colocation contract has enough cabinet or rack space for your UPS system.  Next, consider if the data center has on site remote hands.  If it does not, you will want to supply a remote reboot power strip.  Read more about the Internet data center features and about the various levels of on site remote hands services that data centers offer.   

When thinking about how to choose a colocation hosting data center that will work for your needs, remember to keep careful notes.  Simple choices in choosing a data center that sound the same may make all the difference of having limited or no downtime and extended periods of server downtime.  Quality on site remote hands services are not all the same.  Fee based remote hands services can easily cause colocation hosting downtime to last for extended periods, but having quality remote hands service already included in your colocation hosting contract can help you get your servers back up in minutes.  This can make all the difference in the world.  Read more about quality on site colocation services you should check into before choosing the hosting location for your servers.

Choosing to select a colocation hosting facility which includes premium remote hands services will enable you to collocate at a data center at a distance, in another state or country, and you will be able to manage you servers or equipment as though it was local.  Often this will enable you to choose a facility which may also have reasonable rates for the highest quality services, saving thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. 

Colocation Hosting Internet Bandwidth Tier

Colocation hosting Internet bandwidth can be divided up into different quality by tier and also by service type that includes if the provider is using true intelligent routing on their network.  Depending on your colocation hosting service needs, differentiating between Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the network my or may not matter as much as the intelligent routing.  An important fact to remember is that for any networks that are Tier 3, even if they use a form of intelligent routing, the benefit is negated due the limited number of other Internet networks they connect to directly.  Read more about the differences of Internet bandwidth quality and how it will likely affect your colocation hosting service.

Even if a Colocation hosting facility has Tier 1 Internet bandwidth available, it may not be as good of quality if the network is not using true intelligent routing on their network.  

The final consideration after quality should be price.  Again, it is often the case the Tier 1, Intelligent routed bandwidth can be found for a good deal, while Tier 3 bandwidth may cost much more due to the limited capacity of these smaller, less connected Internet networks. 

Colocation Hosting Data Center Class

Colocation data centers can be divided up by quality of colocation hosting services and options they offer.  While it sounds like it may make sense that a data center with less services might cost less, this is not always the case.  The wisdom in settling for a Class B or Class C colocation facility just to save money is not truly a logical argument because not only will the Class A colocation facility cost less for Internet bandwidth (and thus likely have a lower overall colocation hosting monthly bill) but it will also save money in the long run due to the superior uptime.  Read more about the important differences in colocation hosting Internet data centers.  and how to find the right one for your needs.

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